Personality Psychology Concentration

For the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts and Sciences

Major in Psychology, Personality Psychology Concentration


Minimum required concentration and supporting course work equates to 32-36 hours of Psychology courses. Please see your academic advisor. A Major Plan of Study Form must be completed and submitted to the LAS Student Academic Affairs Office before the end of the fifth semester (60-75 hours).

Twelve hours of 300- and 400-level courses in Psychology must be taken on this campus.

Minimum hours required for graduation is 120.

Students must also complete the Campus General Education requirements  including the campus general education language requirement.

Select one foundation course from the following:4
Intro Psych
Intro Experimental Psych
Statistics course:3
Intro to Statistics (or equivalent)
Select two foundation courses from the following:6
Intro to Brain and Cognition
Behavioral Neuroscience
Images of Mind
Cognitive Psych
Perception & Sensory Processes
Learning and Memory
Select one foundation course from the following:3
Psychology of Prejudice and Discrimination
Child Psych
Psychopathology and Problems in Living
Community Psych
Industrial Org Psych
Concentration core course:3
Psych of Personality
Concentration research methods course:4
Personality Lab
Take 4 elective courses from any of the following:12
Intro to Social Psych
Power, Status, and Influence
Psychology of Gender
Attitude Theory and Change
Social Cognition
Culture & Psychology
Intermediate Current Topics in Psychology (if taught by faculty members in the Personality Psychology program area)
Personality and Soc Dev
Adv Current Topics in Psych (if taught by faculty members in the Personality Psychology program area)
Total Hours35