World Politics Concentration

For the Degree of Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences

Major in Political Science, World Politics Concentration


See the Political Science Major page for additional requirements and departmental distinction information.

PS 100Intro to Political Science3
Select at least one course from the following:3
Intro to Comp Politics
Comp Politics in Dev Nations
Select any additional 100- or 200-level Political Science courses6
Select 300- or 400-level Political Science courses, at least nine hours of which come from the World Politics Concentration list maintained by the department. The other six hours may be any 300- or 400-level Political Science courses.15
Select any additional Political Science courses at any level6
Students will select a second major, or a minor, or a set of courses of at least 12 hours of thematically-related coursework outside political science, developed in conjunction with an academic advisor.12
Total Hours45