Minor in Political Science

A minor in political science is designed for students who want to improve their ability to deal intelligently and critically with issues and ideas about government and politics. The minor permits choices among five sub-fields, each involving important theoretical and applied questions about the role of citizens, associations, and states in the application of political power. These sub-fields are: American Government and Politics, Comparative Government and Politics, International Relations, Political Philosophy, and Public Policy/Public Administration. Within a given sub-field, students will be exposed to advanced courses that build on relevant introductory courses. These advanced courses will provide students with in-depth treatments of topics relevant to issues dealt with in their major field of study.

Select one of the following: 3
Intro to Political Science 1
Foundations of Pol Sci
Intro to US Gov & Pol
Select at least two of the following courses: 6
US Racial & Ethnic Politics
Intro to Public Policy
Intro to Pol Research
Intro to Comp Politics
Intro to Political Theory
Intro to Intl Relations
Select at least three courses at the 300-level. These courses must be selected from sub-fields in which credit already has been completed. For a listing of courses by sub-field see the Curriculum Planning Map.9
Total Hours18