Minor in Hindi Studies

The minor in Hindi Studies is designed for students interested in receiving training in processing and using Hindi in a wide variety of authentic (from informal to institutional) contexts. Students will be encouraged to read authentic Hindi material from different genres and registers (including Hindi print media). Completion of the minor requires at least 19 hours in applicable courses.  For advising information please visit the Linguistics advising page.

Hindi language requirement10
Intermediate Hindi II
Advanced Hindi I
Advanced Hindi II
Two courses in Indian Linguistics/sociolinguistics (to be chosen from the following list in consultation with advisor)6
Language and Culture in India
Business Hindi
Language in Globalization
One historically significant language course related to Modern Hindi or a course on Indian/South Asian Literature 3-5
Elementary Sanskrit I
Elementary Sanskrit II
Elementary Standard Arabic I
Elementary Standard Arabic II
Elementary Persian I
Elementary Persian II
Intro to South Asian Lit
Students with prior knowledge of any of the languages mentioned above can also meet the 3-5 credit requirement by taking upper level courses of the languages.
Total Hours19-21