Concentration Preparatory for the Teaching of East Asian Languages

For the Degree of Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences

Major in East Asian Languages and Cultures, Teaching East Asian Languages Concentration

This concentration prepares its graduates for teaching an East Asian Language (currently Mandarin Chinese or Japanese) in the public schools in Illinois.

In order to remain in good standing in this program and be recommended for certification, candidates are required to maintain University of Illinois, cumulative, content area and professional education grade point averages of 2.5 (A=4.0). Candidates should consult their advisor or the Council on Teacher Education for the list of courses used to compute these grade point averages.

Minimum required course work normally equates to 89 hours.

General education: Consult the Curriculum Preparatory to the Teaching of Foreign Languages.

Minimum hours required for graduation: A minimum of 120 hours of credit is required for graduation.

Departmental distinction: To be eligible for departmental distinction, a student must have a minimum grade point average of 3.25 overall, a 3.5 average in the major and complete an approved project or series of projects. Consult the Japanese or Chinese teacher education advisor for details.

Foreign study: Future teachers of Mandarin or Japanese are strongly encouraged to engage in one or more semesters of study abroad in China or Japan. Some of the curricular requirements may be met through the Year-in-Japan Program at Konan University or other approved programs or at an exchange program in China.

Students must complete the Professional education course sequence and one teaching area of specialization sequence.
Professional education courses. See the Curricula Preparatory to Teaching Foreign Languages 29

Teaching Area of Specialization: Japanese

JAPN 201
JAPN 202
Elementary Japanese I
and Elementary Japanese II
JAPN 203
JAPN 204
Intermediate Japanese I
and Intermediate Japanese II
JAPN 305
JAPN 306
Advanced Japanese I
and Advanced Japanese II
JAPN 440
JAPN 441
Fourth Year Japanese I
and Fourth Year Japanese II
EALC 120East Asian Civilizations3
EALC 250Intro to Japanese Culture3
Two courses in Japanese history 6
Two courses in Japanese literature6
JAPN 460Japanese as a 2nd Language I3
One Japanese elective: Must be at the 300- or 400-level 3

Teaching Area of Specialization: Mandarin Chinese

CHIN 201
CHIN 202
Elementary Chinese I
and Elementary Chinese II
CHIN 203
CHIN 204
Intermediate Chinese I
and Intermediate Chinese II
CHIN 305
CHIN 306
Advanced Chinese I
and Advanced Chinese II
CHIN 440
CHIN 441
Fourth-Year Chinese I
and Fourth-Year Chinese II
EALC 120East Asian Civilizations3
EALC 275Masterpieces of East Asian Lit3
Two courses in Chinese history 6
Two courses in Chinese literature6
CHIN 477Chin Orth & Grm for Lng Tchg3
One Chinese Studies elective: Must be at the 300- or 400-level 3

The total of hours for Teaching Area of Specialization may be reduced by as much as 20 hours through prerequisite credit for work equivalent to Japan or Chinese 201 through 204 taken in secondary school or by demonstrated proficiency by examination.