World Literature Concentration

For the Degree of Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences

Major in Comparative Literature, World Literature Concentration


General education: Students must complete the Campus General Education requirements including the campus general education language requirement.

Twelve hours 300 or 400-level courses in the major must be taken on this campus.  A Major Plan of Study Form must be completed and submitted to the LAS Student Affairs Office before the end of the fifth semester (60 - 75 hours). Please see your adviser.

Minimum required major and supporting course work equate to 48 hours with at least 15 hours of Comparative Literature courses in the Comparative Literature concentration and 21 hours of Comparative Literature courses in the World Literature concentration.

Minimum hours required for graduation: 120 hours

Departmental distinction. To be eligible for distinction, a student must have at least a 3.25 cumulative grade- point average and a 3.75 grade-point average in departmental courses, complete a senior thesis (CWL 493), and receive the approval of the departmental honors committee. The departmental honors committee will determine the level of distinction to be awarded.

Core sequence in Comparative Literature Courses (minimum of 18 hours required): 18
Comparative Lit Studies
Literature and Ideas
The remaining hours should be selected from four of the following 100-or 200-level courses: CWL 114, CWL 151, CWL 189, CWL 190, CWL 208, CWL 241, CWL 242.
One of the following upper-level methodology courses3
Special Topics Comp Lit I
Themes in Narrative
Lit Genres and Forms
International Lit Relations
Special Topics in Comp Lit II
Area/Literature Concentrations: Courses must be chosen in consultation with the student’s faculty advisor and selected from the approved list of courses housed in the department advising office. All courses chosen must be at the 200 level and above.18
Two courses in the literatures of Europe and the Americas
Two courses in the literatures of Asia and Africa
Two courses chosen from the two literature groups above
Area/Culture Concentrations: 9
3 courses, also at the 200 to 400-level, chosen in consultation with the student’s faculty advisor, in other disciplines related to the student’s area of concentration (e.g., anthropology, area studies, art history, cinema studies, history, music history, philosophy, religious studies, women’s studies). Language courses beyond the fifth semester of study may also be used to satisfy this requirement.
Total Hours48