Environmental Chemistry Concentration

For the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

Major in Chemistry (Specialized Curriculum), Environmental Chemistry Concentration

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This concentration is designed to provide a background in environmental chemistry that is sufficient in breadth and depth to prepare a person to work as an environmental chemist in the public or private sectors and/or to pursue an advanced degree in the field. Students who complete this concentration will be certified in environmental chemistry by the American Chemical Society (ACS). The Environmental Chemistry Concentration is based on the Specialized Curriculum in Chemistry. Students will take a 3-hour, 300-level course in environmental chemistry and three 3-hour, upper level technical courses in environmental areas. These courses can be used as part of the required 14 hours of technical electives for the Specialized Curriculum in Chemistry.

Required Courses for the Specialized Curriculum in Chemistry
Core Chemistry 135
Accelerated Chemistry I
Accelerated Chemistry Lab I
Accelerated Chemistry II
Accelerated Chemistry Lab II 2
Fundamental Organic Chem I
Structure and Synthesis
Inorganic Chemistry
Instrumental Chem Systems Lab
Instrumental Characterization
Fundamental Organic Chem II
Physical Chemistry I
Physical Chemistry II
Physical Principles Lab I
Advanced Chemistry11
Chemistry/Biochemistry courses numbered 300 or higher, which must include one from the following: 3
Inorganic Chemistry Lab
Organic Chemistry Lab
Physical Principles Lab II
Additional laboratory work: 3,4
Current Topics in Biochemistry
Inorganic Chemistry Lab
Organic Chemistry Lab
Physical Principles Lab II
Solid State Structural Anlys
Lab Safety Fundamentals (lab sections only)
Additional chemistry/biochemistry courses to complete the 11-hour requirement in advanced chemistry (excluding CHEM 499)
Mathematics: 111-12
Calculus I
Calculus II
Calculus III
Physics: 110
University Physics: Mechanics
University Physics: Elec & Mag
Univ Physics: Quantum Physics
Technical Electives, including the following Mathematics courses: 4,5
MATH 225Introductory Matrix Theory2
or MATH 415 Applied Linear Algebra
MATH 285Intro Differential Equations (or equivalent)3
Required Technical Elective Courses for the Environmental Chemistry Concentration
Basic Courses
CHEM 360Chemistry of the Environment3
or CEE 330 Environmental Engineering
Advanced Courses: Select three courses from the following:9
Green Chemistry
Env Eng Principles, Chemical
Environmental Geology
Environ Toxicology & Health
Individual Study Junior
Individual Study Senior
Senior Thesis
Other 400-level courses dealing with economic, engineering, biological aspects of environmental chemistry upon consultation with the faculty advisor.
Nontechnical Requirements for the Specialized Curriculum in Chemistry 7variable
General education:
Foreign language - three semesters of college study (or three years of high school study) in a single foreign language
Composition I writing requirement (RHET 105, CMN 111 and CMN 112, or equivalent)
Advanced Composition writing requirement 8
Humanities/Arts to satisfy the campus general education requirements
Social/Behavioral sciences to satisfy the campus general education requirements
Cultural Studies to satisfy the campus general education requirement 9
Free electives 1031