Sociocultural and Linguistic Anthropology Concentration

For the Degree of Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences

Major in Sciences and Letters Curriculum

General education: Students must complete the Campus General Education requirements including the campus general education language requirement.

Twelve hours of 300- and 400-level Anthropology courses must be taken on this campus.

A Major Plan of Study Form must be completed and submitted to the LAS Student Affairs Office before the end of the fifth semester (60- 75 hours). Please see your adviser.

Minimum hours required for graduation: 120 hours

Departmental distinction: To be eligible for distinction, a student must complete 33 hours of anthropology courses (including at least 2 hours of both ANTH 391 and ANTH 495), maintain a 3.6 average in those hours and a 3.5 overall average. All candidates for distinction must submit a thesis for judgment by at least two members of the anthropology department.

All students must discuss their selection of coursework with a departmental adviser.

When a course is listed under two or more categories, the student may decide which of the requirements the course should fulfill; however, it may not be used to fulfill more than one of those requirements.
Anthropology Core Courses9
Choose 3 of the following core courses. Students may make one substitution for 1 of the 3 required courses, choosing from the option listed.
Introduction to Archaeology
World Archaeology
Sociocultural Anthropology
Anthro in a Changing World
Biological Anthropology
Human Origins and Culture
Language in Culture
Talking Culture
Socio-cultural and Linguistic Anthropology Courses
7 courses selected from the list maintained in the advisor’s office. Students select 3 courses from locations across at least 2 regions of the world and 4 courses from theoretical or topical areas course offerings in socio-cultural and linguistic anthropology chosen in consultation with the departmental advisor. Four courses must be at the 300- or 400-level.21
Additional socio-cultural and linguistics anthropology courses or courses in related fields such as Sociology, Linguistics, Psychology, Education, History, Gender and Women's Studies, African American Studies, Latina/Latino Studies, Asian American Studies, African Studies, Jewish Studies that complement the student’s sociocultural/linguistic focus. Meet with the departmental advisor to discuss the selection of courses.9
Research and Service Learning Coursework3
Choose one of the following:
Research Methods in Cultural Anthropology - ANTH 411 Methods of Cultural Anth
Research Methods in Linguistic Anthropology - ANTH 499
Senior Capstone Project3-6
Choose one option below in consultation with the departmental advisor:
Honors Thesis- 6 hours. Two consecutive semesters of research resulting in a written thesis
Honors Individual Study
Honors Senior Thesis
Senior Capstone Seminar (Independent Research)- 3 hours
Senior Seminar
Internship- 3 hours. A portfolio and report associated with an approved departmental internship
Individual Study
Study Abroad- 3 hours. A portfolio and report associated with an approved Study Abroad experience
Individual Study
Total Hours45