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For the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Information Sciences + Data Science

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The Bachelor of Science in Information Sciences prepares students for a wide range of careers within the knowledge economy.  In today’s technology-centered job market, there is a high demand for information professionals. By earning a B.S. in Information Sciences (BS/IS) from the School of Information Sciences (iSchool), you will gain a competitive edge. Our interdisciplinary, STEM-designated degree will prepare students for careers in a variety of fields. As a BS/IS student, you’ll learn how to manage data and other types of information to help organizations achieve their goals. You will become an information technology expert who understands the human perspective, social context, and policy implications.

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Departmental Distinction: The top 10% of the graduating class will graduate with distinction.

For the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Information Sciences + Data Science

General education: Students must complete the Campus General Education requirements.

Data Science Core

Total Hours28-31
Mathematical Foundations7-8
MATH 220Calculus4-5
or MATH 221 Calculus I
or MATH 234 Calculus for Business I
MATH 227Linear Algebra for Data Science3
or MATH 257 Linear Algebra with Computational Applications
Data Science Fundamentals12
STAT/CS/IS 107Data Science Discovery4
STAT 207Data Science Exploration4
CS 307Modeling and Learning in Data Science4
Computational Fundamentals4
CS 277Algorithms and Data Structures for Data Science4
Social Impact in Data Science6
IS 467Ethics and Policy for Data Science3
IS 477Data Management, Curation & Reproducibility3

Information Sciences Core

Total Hours61
IS 101Introduction to Information Sciences3
IS 202Social Aspects Info Tech3
IS 204Research Design for Information Sciences3
IS 205Programming for Information Problems3
IS 206Introduction to Database Concepts & Applications3
IS 308Race, Gender, and Information Technology3
or IS 309 Computers and Culture
or IS 310 Computing in the Humanities
or IS 311 History and Foundations of the Information Society
School of Information Sciences Electives or approved courses in other departments43
Twelve hours of 300/400 level (advanced) courses in Information Sciences (IS) must be taken on this campus.

 Meaningful Research or Discovery Experience

Total Hours6
One of the most important skills a student will gain in a IS+DS degree will be the ability to present data in meaningful ways. A research or discovery experience is as much a pillar of this degree program as both the data science core coursework (Part 1) and the coursework in Information Sciences.
IS 189Independent Study0 to 3
Examples of possible experiences may include:
A semester study-abroad with at one or more courses focused on discovery while attending the international institution.
A multi-semester capstone experience within the student’s area of specialization.
A semester co-op experience outside of the Champaign-Urbana area focused within the student’s area of specialization.
A multi-semester undergraduate research experience under the direction of iSchool faculty.
A summer REU program focused within your area of specialization.

Summary of Total Hours

Total General Education Hours25
Total Data Science Core Hours28
Total Information Science Specialization Hours61
Meaningful Research or Discovery Experience6
Total Hours120