Learning Outcomes: Urban Studies & Planning

Learning outcomes for the degree of Bachelor of Arts Major in Urban Studies & Planning

To be consistent with our accreditation requirements, we are using the Knowledge, Skills, and Values identified by the Planning Accreditation Board as desired outcomes for planning education:

  1. General planning knowledge: 
    1. Purpose and Meaning of Planning:.
    2. Planning Theory:
    3. Planning Law: 
    4. Human Settlements and History of Planning:
    5. The Future:
    6. Global Dimensions of Planning:
  2. Planning skills: 
    1. Research Written, Oral and Graphic Communication:
    2. Quantitative and Qualitative Methods: 
    3. Plan Creation and Implementation: is able to use
    4. Planning Process Methods:
    5. Leadership:
  3. Values and ethics
    1. Professional Ethics and Responsibility: 
    2. Governance and Participation: 
    3. Sustainability and Environmental Quality:
    4. Growth and Development:
    5. Social Justice: