Learning Outcomes: Lighting Design & Technology Concentration

Learning outcomes for the Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Theatre, Lighting Design Concentration

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Communicate design and production ideas to collaborators through graphic skills, language and research and the ability to analyze and interpret creative, critical and theoretical works.
  2. Demonstrates the practical application of learned methodologies including the ability to communicate ideas, concepts, and requirements in order to successfully fulfill a role related to lighting design for a stage production.
  3. Demonstrates working knowledge of professional practices across genres of theatre, musical theatre, opera, dance and non-traditional venues and styles of design.
  4. Gain the practical ability to see their designs come to life from concept through realization by collaborating on current productions with peers, faculty, staff and guest artists.
  5. Demonstrates necessary skills and knowledge to acquire an entry-level position in the field of lighting design and technology including significant technical mastery, showing the capacity to produce work and solve problems independently.