Learning Outcomes: Acting Concentration

Learning outcomes for the Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Theatre, Acting Concentration

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrates a mature, effective ability to analyze, interpret, write critically and creatively, and discuss thoughtfully in the field of theatre and performance.
  2. Demonstrates ability to creatively engage in the collaborative process in rehearsal, construction, and performance of works for the stage.
  3. Demonstrates an ability to analyze, prepare, and perform in dramatic material including works from contemporary theatre, modern classics, Shakespeare, musical theatre, and media including film, television, and web, among others.
  4. Demonstrates increasing ability to recognize and adjust voice, speech, and movement skills (including stage combat techniques) in application to performance for the stage.
  5. Demonstrates an understanding of the expectations of professional practice in auditioning for and working in professional theatre, film, television, and other media.