Sustainable Design, BS and Art & Design: Design for Responsible Innovation, MFA

for the Joint Program of the Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Design and the Master of Fine Arts in Art & Design, Design for Responsible Innovation concentration

College of Fine and Applied Arts Office of Undergraduate Affairs
110 Architecture Building
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Faculty Program Administrator: Dr. Daniel Schneider
Program Administrator: Dr. Nicole Turner
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The B.S.-M.F.A. program combines a B.S. in Sustainable Design with a M.F.A. in Art & Design, concentration in Design for Responsible Innovation (4 + 2 program). Current University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign undergraduate students enrolled in the Sustainable Design undergraduate major who have completed between 60 and 96 credit hours and maintain superior academic performance are eligible to apply for this program. Students admitted to the program will receive the B.S. degree after four years and, contingent upon successful admittance to the Graduate School, will receive the M.F.A. degree after two additional years.

for the Joint Program of the Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Design and the Master of Fine Arts in Art & Design, Design for Responsible Innovation concentration

Students interested in the BSSD/MFA DRI 4 + 2 program will need to plan their schedules well in advance of their Junior year to ensure they have taken the appropriate course work. By judicious selection of general education courses and major electives in their sophomore and junior years, students will be prepared to apply to the 4+2 program in their junior year.

For additional details and requirements refer to the department's Web site and the Graduate College Handbook.

Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Design degree requirements

General Education Requirements
Composition I4
Advanced Composition3
Humanities & the Arts (fulfilled by required courses listed below)6
Cultural Studies: Western/Comparative Culture(s)3
Cultural Studies: Non-Western Culture(s)3
Cultural Studies: US Minority Culture(s)3
Natural Sciences and Technology6
Social and Behavioral Sciences (1 is fulfilled by required course listed below)6
Quantitative Reasoning I and II 6
Language Other Than English requirements0-12
Total Hours (with Language requirement fulfilled, not counting SD/DRI required courses)31
Major Requirements
Students should plan to complete all requirements prior to senior year, except for FAA 430 and FAA 431 which will be taken during senior year.
FAA 101Arts at Illinois1
LA 101Introduction to Landscape Arch2
UP 136Urban Sustainability (Gen Ed: Social/Behavioral Sci)3
ARCH 171Concepts and Theories of Architectural Design3
ARTH 211Design History Survey (Gen Ed: Humanities & the Arts)3
ARTD 225Design Drawing3
or ARCH 172 Drawing and Modeling
FAA 230Sustainable Design of the Built Environment3
ARCH 321Environment, Architecture, and Global Health3
ARTD 451Ethics of a Designer in a Global Economy4
ARTD 326Sustainability & Manufacturing3
FAA 330Making Sustainable Design5
ARCH 273Strategies of Architectural Design3
FAA 430Capstone Seminar3
FAA 431Capstone Studio5
Total Hours44
Major Electives
All 16 hours of major electives are met with the full completion of the requirements below.
Required Art +Design Coursework taken prior to Senior Year
Students who follow this program will be eligible for a minor in Art + Design regardless of their admission to the 4+2 program
ARTD 151Introduction to Graphic Design3
ARTD 222Typographic Practice3
ARTD 270Design Methods2
ARTD 333Type & Image3
FAA 102Design Beyond Boundaries (Gen Ed: Humanities & the Arts)3
ARTD 299Spec Topics in Design Courses (Design Thinking Seminar, Design Thinking Studio, Illustration, or Creative Coding)2-3
ART 310Design Thinking (Gen Ed: Humanities & the Arts)3
Senior Year Courses
A BSSD student admitted to the 4+2 program is expected to enroll in 400-level MFA DRI prerequisite courses in their senior year, although they are not yet admitted to the MFA DRI program. Typically, a 4+2 student will take FAA 430 & FAA 431 (3 & 5 hours), as required by the BSSD program, plus 3 MFA DRI prerequisite courses:
ARTD 499Special Topics in Design (Illustration or Creative Coding)4
ARTD 420Disability Design3-4
or ARTD 426 Product Innovation
ARTD 444Typographic Systems4
College or University Electives13-14
Select approximately 13-14 credit hours with approval of advisor to complete degree requirements.

Master of Fine Arts in Art & Design, Design for Responsible Innovation concentration degree requirements

ARTD 551Design for Responsible Innovation Research Impact4
ARTD 570Design for Responsible Innovation Research Methodology4
ARTD 595MFA Design for Responsible Innovation Studio16
ARTD 599Thesis8
Total Hours40
Other Requirements
Minimum 500-level Hours Required Overall32
Minimum GPA2.75

Summary of Credits for the Joint BSSD/MFA DRI Program

BS in Sustainable Design 120
General Education31
Major Requirements44
Major Electives0
Additional A+D Course Requirements19
Senior Year Graduate Courses11-12
College or University Electives 14-15
A minimum of 40 credits at the 300 or 400 course level are required
MFA in Art + Design, Design for Responsible Innovation concentration 40