Learning Outcomes: Music Education, BME

Learning outcomes for the degree of Bachelor of Music Education Major in Music Education

  1. The well prepared music teacher has in-depth understanding of content area knowledge that includes central concepts, methods of inquiry, structures of the discipline, and multiple forms of music literacy.
  2. The well prepared music teacher plans and designs instruction based on content area knowledge; diverse styles, genres, and repertoires; diverse student characteristics; student performance data; curriculum goals; and the community context.
  3. The well prepared music teacher differentiates instruction by using a variety of strategies that support critical and creative thinking, problem-solving, and continuous musical growth and learning.
  4. The well prepared music teacher understands and uses appropriate formative and summative assessments for determining student needs, monitoring student progress, measuring student growth, and evaluating student outcomes.
  5. The well prepared music teacher is an ethical and reflective practitioner who promotes a culture of professional inquiry.