Japanese Arts and Aesthetics

for the Undergraduate Minor in Japanese Arts and Aesthetics

minor advisor: Lindsey Stirek

email: stirek1@illinois.edu

phone: (217) 244-9934

website: Japan House

courses & instructors: Japan House University Classes

overview of college admissions & requirements: Fine & Applied Arts

college website: Fine & Applied Arts

The Japanese Arts and Aesthetics Minor is ideal for students who wish to develop cross-cultural competency and learn to integrate Japanese aesthetic theory and practice into their broader pursuits. Students will take a variety of courses in traditional and contemporary Japanese arts and aesthetics including topics such as Japanese tea ceremony, anime, design, etc. This minor is open to students in all majors, but all minor requirements must be completed before graduation. 

Students must meet the following course requirements for a minimum of 18 credit hours.

ARTJ 101Introduction to Japanese Aesthetics2
ARTJ 209Chado (The Way of Tea)3
Choose one:1-3
Special Topics in Japanese Aesthetic Practices
Seminar in Japanese Aesthetics
Another ARTJ 100/200 level course
Choose two:6
Manga: The Art of Image and Word
Intro to Japanese Animation
Independent Study in Japanese Aesthetics
Zen, Tea, and Power
Designing Everyday Life in Modern Japan
Japan House Internship
Other ARTJ 300/400 level courses
A minimum of two elective courses from the following list:6
Additional ARTJ courses
Other Japan-focused courses
Additional courses as approved by minor advisor
Total Minimum Hours18