Art History Minor

for the minor in Art History

minor office: 140 Art and Design Building, Champaign, IL 61820

minor advisor: Bryan VanGinhoven


phone: (217) 300-2520

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The minor in art history is designed for students who seek to study art history in depth as a compliment to their major area of study. The minor provides students with an education in art history that is balanced and diverse culturally, temporally, and geographically. It allows students to choose from a variety of introductory courses that cover a variety of regions, cultures, and periods.

Minimum required major and supporting course work: Students must meet the following course requirements for a total of 18 hours

A maximum of one course from other universities will satisfy the requirements for upper-level Art History courses.
ARTH 110Introduction to the History of Art and Visual Culture3
Select one course below, which focuses on a subject outside of Europe and the Modern Americas3
Islamic Gardens & Architecture
S Asian Cultural Landscapes
Exploring African Cities
Islamic Gardens & Architecture
Arts of Colonial Latin America
Ways of Seeing in Edo Japan
Word and Image in Chinese Art
Other courses may be approved in consultation with the minor advisor.
Additional ARTH courses at the 200, 300 or 400 level6
Additional ARTH courses at the 300 or 400 level3
At least 6 hours of the minor must be advanced (300 or 400) level courses.
ARTH 400-level designated seminar course3
Total credits required for Art History Minor: 18
A maximum of one course from either section below at UIUC will count toward the requirements of the Art History Minor
History of Architecture courses
ARCH 222Islamic Gardens & Architecture3
ARCH 314History of World Landscapes4
ARCH 402Introduction to the History of Architectural Theory3
ARCH 412Medieval Architecture3
ARCH 413Renaissance Architecture3
ARCH 414Baroque & Rococo Arch3
ARCH 415Modernity’s Mirror: Nineteenth-Century Architecture 1750-19003
ARCH 416The Architecture of the United States, c.1650 to Present3
ARCH 417Modern and Contemporary Global Architecture3
History of Landscape Architecture courses
LA 218S Asian Cultural Landscapes3
LA 220Exploring African Cities3
LA 222Islamic Gardens & Architecture3
LA 242Nature and American Culture3
LA 314History of World Landscapes4
LA 315History of Modern Lndscpe Arch3