Architectural Studies Minor

for the Minor in Architectural Studies

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The minor in Architectural Studies allows non-architecture undergraduate students to gain an overview of architecture by taking a series of required courses in architecture. This is the only undergraduate minor offered by the School of Architecture.

Course Requirements

The architecture minor requires the successful completion of a minimum of 19 hours of architecture courses. Students entering the program with advanced credit for required courses must take courses from the Additional Courses list to attain the total hours needed for completion of the minor. All students in the minor must have at least 6 hours of 300- or 400-level courses. ARCH 231 and ARCH 273 must be taken concurrently.

Required Courses
ARCH 171Concepts and Theories of Architectural Design3
ARCH 210Introduction to the History of World Architecture3
ARCH 231Anatomy of Buildings4
ARCH 273Strategies of Architectural Design3
Elective courses: Must choose six credit hours minimum from the following:
Environment, Architecture, and Global Health
Environmental Control Systems I
History of World Landscapes
Introduction to the History of Architectural Theory
Special Topics in Architectural History
Rome: City of Visible History
Ancient Egyptian & Greek Arch
Ancient Roman Architecture
Medieval Architecture
Renaissance Architecture
Baroque & Rococo Arch
Modernity’s Mirror: Nineteenth-Century Architecture 1750-1900
The Architecture of the United States, c.1650 to Present
Modern and Contemporary Global Architecture
History of the Urban Environment
Total credit hours required for Architectural Studies Minor: 19 minimum


Students must comply with the prerequisite requirements of courses to be taken under this program. Some of these requirements may be satisfied while in the program.


Admission to the minor will be processed by the School of Architecture Undergraduate Programs Office. Students may enter the Minor in Architectural Studies from sophomore year until such time that allows the completion of the minor before graduating in their major area of study.


Advising of students in the minor will be conducted by the advisors in the Undergraduate Programs Office of the School of Architecture.

Certification of Successful Completion

The Associate Dean for Undergraduate Academic Affairs in the College of Fine and Applied Arts (FAA) will certify successful completion of the minor.

Students must declare their intentions in the spring and be admitted to the program for the fall to pursue the Minor in Architectural Studies.