Painting, BFA

Alan Mette
143 Art and Design Building, 408 East Peabody, Champaign
PH: (217) 333-0855

The curriculum in painting requires 122 credit hours and provides extensive training in preparation for professional practice as an artist.

The first two years are devoted primarily to the study of design, composition, and acquisition of both representational and abstract drawing skills as well as the development of painting skills and techniques in a variety of traditional and alternative painting media. The last two years are devoted to the development of individual creative expression in painting and other media.

When followed by a program leading to a degree of Master of Fine Arts in Painting, this curriculum is recommended as preparation for a career as an artist and as a teacher of painting and drawing and related subjects at the college level.

Contact: Mark Avery
Coordinator of Undergraduate Academic Affairs
School Office: 140 Art and Design Building, Champaign, 333-6632,

Students in the School of Art and Design must complete the Campus General Education requirements. Some Art and Design courses will also apply toward the General Education requirements

A portfolio review is required for admission to the School of Art and Design.

Painting Requirements

ARTS 250Life Drawing3
ARTS 252Making and Meaning3
ARTS 354Intermediate Painting3
ARTS 392Current Art Issues Seminar3
ARTS 350Intermediate Studio I4
ARTS 351Intermediate Studio II4
ARTS 450Advanced Studio I4
ARTS 451Advanced Studio II4
Total Hours28

Painting Electives

Select two of the following:6
Advanced Drawing
Advanced Painting
Advanced Sculpture
Art in Context
Total Hours6

Art Foundation

ARTF 101Contemporary Issues in Art2
ARTE 101Art, Design, and Society2
Drawing Course 13
ARTS 251Beginning Painting3
Course in the 3D Category 23
Course in the 4D Category 33
Total Hours16

Art History

ARTH 110Introduction to the History of Art and Visual Culture3
Advanced art history (200-level or above) 9
Total Hours12


Art + Design electives (art + design courses not in painting requirements or used as painting electives)15
Open electives as needed to total 122 hour degree