Dance, BFA

Students in the BFA in Dance must complete the Common Requirements and the courses listed below; a minimum of 130 hours is required for this degree.

Technique/Physical Practice32
DANC 160Beg Contemp Modern Tech Core1 to 3
DANC 166Beginning Ballet Tech Core1 or 2
DANC 167Beginning Ballet Tech Elect1 or 2
DANC 210Int Jazz Technique1
DANC 211Int Hip Hop Technique1
DANC 215Int Tap Dance Technique1
DANC 260Int Contemp Modern Tech Core1 to 3
DANC 261Int Contemp Modern Tech Elect1 to 3
DANC 266Intermediate Ballet Tech Core1 or 2
DANC 267Intermediate Ballet Tech Elect1 or 2
DANC 360Int/Adv Contemp Mod Tech Core1 to 3
DANC 361Int/Adv Contemp Mod Tech Elect1 to 3
DANC 366Int/Adv Ballet Tech Core1 or 2
DANC 367Int/Adv Ballet Tech Elect1 or 2
DANC 411Adv Hip Hop Technique1
DANC 459Contact Improv Act/Mus/Dan II1 or 2
DANC 460Adv Contemp Modern Tech Core1 to 3
DANC 461Adv Contemp Modern Tech Elect1 to 3
DANC 466Advanced Ballet Tech Core1 to 3
DANC 467Advanced Ballet Tech Elect1 to 3
Four credit hours per semester, to include core technique classes each semester in residence, consisting of three modern and two ballet classes per week (3 hours of credit), plus elective technique courses for a minimum of one additional credit hour per semester.
A minimum of two courses (two credit hours) in global dance forms (jazz, tap, world dance forms, etc.) is also required.
Creative Process/Performance and Production17-20
Choose 1 of the following Improvisation courses:
DANC 259Contact Improv for Act/Mus/Dan1
Creative Process:
DANC 262Choreographic Process I2
Choose a minimum of 3 courses from the following Advanced Creative Process courses. Courses listed below are repeatable:
Choreographic Process II
Advanced Improvisation
Composer-Chor Workshop
Choose 6 hours from the following Performance courses: 1
Perf Pract Student Works I
Performance in Grad Thesis I
Perf Pract November I
Perf Pract February I
Repertory Company
Perf Pract Student Works II
Performance in Grad Thesis II
Perf Pract November II
Perf Pract February II
Collaborative Performance
DANC 375Production in Dance1
Choose 4 hours from the following Production courses:
Production Practicum I
Production Practicum II
Dance Documentation
Production Practicum III
Production Practicum IV
Dance Academics20
Dance history/theory
DANC 240Dance History3
Select one of the following:
Anth of Dance/Movement
Dancing Black Popular Culture
Dance History Seminar
Six hours of Music for Dance courses:
DANC 268Music Theory for Dancers3
Select one of the following (all meet a general education requirement):
Introd to the Art of Music
Popular Music Studies
Introduction to World Music
Four hours of Dance Sciences courses:
DANC 245Introduction to Somatics1
DANC 345Dance Anatomy and Kinesiology3
Choose 3 hours from the following Dance Education courses:
Creative Dance for Children
Teaching Workshop
Current issues and topics
DANC 495Senior Career Seminar1
Senior Capstone Project4
DANC 498Senior Thesis Production1 or 2
DANC 499Senior Thesis Project1 to 2
Professional Electives 26-9
Focused Electives, chosen in consultation with an advisor. Additional courses in dance such as technique, choreography, performance, "non-categorized" courses in dance, coursework in Music, Theater, or Art.
Electives as needed to reach a minimum of 130 hours130