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Materials are the basis for all engineering and also are the basis for much of the research in various areas of science. The Minor in Materials Science and Engineering is designed to give students in other areas of engineering and science both a broad view of all materials as well as several courses in a particular area of materials, knowledge that will be of value whether the student pursues a career in industry, government, or academia.

The courses, listed below, have been selected to give an undergraduate student both a strong background in all types of materials as well as more detailed knowledge of a particular area of materials (e.g., ceramics, metals, polymers, electronic materials or biomaterials).

Minor Requirements:

Core Course Work
MSE 280Engineering Materials3
MSE 401Thermodynamics of Materials 13
One additional course chosen from an approved list. 23
Introductory Area course chosen form an approved list. 33
Senior lab source chosen from an approved list. 33
Advanced Area course chosen from one of several approved lists. 33
Total Hours18

For more information regarding the Materials Science and Engineering minor, visit the Materials Science and Engineering minor Web site, contact the MatSE Department Office (201 MSEB,, or visit the Office of the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs, 206 Engineering Hall.