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Many Grainger Engineering graduates will be involved in international activities during their professional careers. In anticipation of such involvement, the college offers an opportunity for students to complete an international minor as part of any engineering degree program. All international minor requirements must be satisfied before graduation. The requirements are:

  • Completion of all degree requirements in the student's selected engineering discipline.  Courses for the International Minor can be combined with degree requirements.
  • Completion of foreign language studies in a language of the student's choice of geographical area (proficiency level will vary with the geographical area selected) if applicable.  Students completing a minor in Great Britain or Australian studies will NOT have to have completed a foreign language.
  • Completion of a minimum of 21 hours of cultural and language studies related to the geographical area of concentration; 9 hours must be other than language credit and include at least one 300- or 400-level course. These courses can be used as campus and college general education requirements. Courses taken on campus for the minor must be taken for grade.  Students completing the Great Britain or Australian minor will complete their 21 hours of related coursework in the "other" non-language area.
  • Completion of a minimum four-week approved residence in the chosen country or geographic area, whether it be for work or study.

The student will be expected to select a specific geographical area for concentration, which will be identified in the designation of the minor; for example International Minor-Latin American studies. Course work selected for the minor must be approved by the International Programs in Engineering Office; a list of suggested courses is available.

International Programs in Engineering sponsors academic year, semester, and summer programs that include language and cultural courses and satisfy the residency requirement. With sufficient foreign language background before entering engineering, a student will normally be able to complete the degree and minor in four years. Those not having this background, or taking a year of study at a foreign institution, may take four and one-half to five years to complete their degrees.

For more information regarding the International Minor (IM), contact the Engineering Study Abroad Office (210 Engineering Hall, (217)244-0054, or visit the Office of the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs, 206 Engineering Hall.