Computer Science Minor

for the Minor in Computer Science 

College: The Grainger College of Engineering

webpage: CS Minor

This minor is offered by the Department of Computer Science for students seeking significant knowledge of digital computers without the more complete treatment of a major in computer science. This minor may be taken by any student except Computer Science and Computer Engineering majors.

The foundation upper-level courses in computer programming and software and in theory of computation are required. Three elective 200- and 300-level courses provide some specialization and depth and breadth of study. Specific requirements are listed below. Note that some courses have other prerequisites.

CS 125Intro to Computer Science 14
CS 173Discrete Structures 13
CS 225Data Structures4
Three courses, including at least one at the 400 level, chosen from a departmentally approved list below:9
CS 233Computer Architecture4
CS 241System Programming4
CS 357Numerical Methods I3
CS 374Introduction to Algorithms & Models of Computation4
Any course number between and including CS 410 and CS 498 except CS 413, CS 491, CS 492, CS 493, CS 494

For more information, please visit the CS minor Web site, contact the Computer Science Academic Office (1210 Siebel Center, 217-333-4428,, or visit the Office of the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs, 206 Engineering Hall.