Computational Science & Engineering Minor

for the Minor in Computational Science & Engineering

College: The Grainger College of Engineering

webpage: Computational Science & Engineering Minor

Core Courses9
CS 101Intro Computing: Engrg & Sci3
CS 125Intro to Computer Science4
CS 225Data Structures4
ECE 220Computer Systems & Programming4
LING 402Tools & Tech Spch & Lang Proc3
Applied Math
ECE 493Advanced Engineering Math3 or 4
MATH 441Differential Equations3 or 4
or MATH 442 Intro Partial Diff Equations
or MATH 489 Dynamics & Differential Eqns
MATH 415Applied Linear Algebra3 or 4
MATH 444Elementary Real Analysis3 or 4
or MATH 447 Real Variables
MATH 446Applied Complex Variables3 or 4
or MATH 448 Complex Variables
MATH 482Linear Programming3 or 4
or MATH 484 Nonlinear Programming
STAT 408Actuarial Statistics I4
or STAT 409 Actuarial Statistics II
or STAT 410 Statistics and Probability II
or STAT 420 Methods of Applied Statistics
or STAT 430 Topics in Applied Statistics
or MATH 461 Probability Theory
Computational Methods
CS 411Database Systems3 or 4
CS 450Numerical Analysis3 or 4
or CSE 401 Numerical Analysis
CS 466Introduction to Bioinformatics3 or 4
ECE 448Artificial Intelligence3 or 4
GEOG 489Programming for GIS4
LING 402Tools & Tech Spch & Lang Proc3
STAT 440Statistical Data Management3 or 4
TAM 470Computational Mechanics3 or 4
or CSE 450 Computational Mechanics
Application Coursework/Computing Elective9
Three 400-level CSE courses; see list below:
Core Courses:
CSE 401Numerical Analysis3 or 4
CSE 402Parallel Progrmg: Sci & Engrg3 or 4
CSE 408Applied Parallel Programming4
CSE 510Numerical Methods for PDEs4
CSE 527Scientific Visualization4
Computing Electives. Courses below are topically organized and are cross listed with many departments. Double counting from Core courses and application courses is not allowed. Choose Option 1 or Option 2 below.
Option 1
Biological, Chemical and Atmospheric Sciences:
CHEM 576Computational Chemical Biology4
CS 466Introduction to Bioinformatics3 or 4
CEE 534Surface Water Quality Modeling4
CEE 557Groundwater Modeling4
CSE 566Numerical Fluid Dynamics4
CHEM 550Advanced Quantum Dynamics4
Computer Software, Hardware and Graphics
CSE 402Parallel Progrmg: Sci & Engrg3 or 4
CSE 422Computer System Organization3 or 4
CSE 423Operating Systems Design3 or 4
CSE 426Software Engineering I3 or 4
CSE 427Interactive Computer Graphics3 or 4
CSE 429Software Engineering II3 or 4
CSE 521Computer Architecture4
CSE 522Parallel Computer Architecture4
CSE 527Scientific Visualization4
Electronics and Electromagnetics:
CSE 530Computational Electromagnetics4
CSE 532Numerical Circuit Analysis4
Fluid Mechanics
CSE 450Computational Mechanics3 or 4
CSE 461Computational Aerodynamics3 or 4
CSE 560Computational Fluid Mechanics4
CSE 561Computational Process Modeling4
CSE 566Numerical Fluid Dynamics4
CSE 412Numerical Thermo-Fluid Mechs2 to 4
Numerical Computing:
CSE 401Numerical Analysis3 or 4
CSE 414Algorithms4
CSE 441Introduction to Optimization3 or 4
CSE 510Numerical Methods for PDEs4
CSE 511Iterative & Multigrid Methods4
CSE 512Parallel Numerical Algorithms4
CSE 513Topics in Numerical Analysis4
CSE 515Algorithms4
CS 598Special Topics (Integral Equation and Fast Algorithms)2 to 4
CSE 517Adv Finite Element Methods4
CSE 553Computational Inelasticity4
Other Related Fields:
TAM 598Advanced Special Topics (Uncertainty Quantification)1 to 4
CS 598Special Topics (Integeral Equations and Fast Methods)2 to 4
CEE 528Construction Data Modeling4
ASTR 510Computational Astrophysics4
Physics and Materials Science:
CSE 485Atomic Scale Simulations3 or 4
MSE 498Special Topics (Atomic Scale Simulations)1 to 4
AE 598Special Topics (Mult-scale Modeling of Materials)1 to 4
Power Systems, Control and Signal and Image Processing:
CSE 441Introduction to Optimization3 or 4
CSE 543Topics in Image Processing4
ECE 513Vector Space Signal Processing4
ECE 558Digital Imaging4
Solid Mechanics:
CSE 450Computational Mechanics3 or 4
CSE 451Finite Element Analysis3 or 4
CSE 517Adv Finite Element Methods4
CSE 551Finite Element Methods4
CSE 552Nonlinear Finite Elements4
ME 570Nonlinear Solid Mech Design4
TAM 598Advanced Special Topics (Computational Nonlinear Dynamics)1 to 4
Statistics and Data Sciences:
CSE 428Statistical Computing3 or 4
CSE 440Statistical Data Management3 or 4
CSE 448Advanced Data Analysis4
CSE 525Computational Statistics4
STAT 530Bioinformatics4
CSE 542Statistical Learning4
STAT 430Topics in Applied Statistics (Big Data Analysis Foundation; Basics of Statistical Learning)3 or 4
STAT 432Basics of Statistical Learning3 or 4
CS 412Introduction to Data Mining3 or 4
CS 410Text Information Systems3 or 4
Two 400-level CSE courses listed above AND an independent study on a computational topic. In order for an independent study to fulfill the minor requirement, the student must conduct the undergraduate research with one of the CSE affiliated faculty.