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Successful management of technology-driven businesses today requires that employees work effectively in interdisciplinary teams. Team-based project management requires that each member of the team contribute not only in his or her own area of expertise, but in other aspects of the project as well. The better equipped a new employee is to reach this level of competency quickly, the more valuable will be his or her contributions. Moreover, an employee having such competency will be better prepared to assume positions of increased responsibility and challenge.

The Hoeft Technology & Management Program offers a minor in Technology & Management to undergraduate students in the College of Business and the College of Engineering. Students in the Colleges of ACES and LAS may also be eligible based on their major. The minor is designed to prepare students for success in a wide variety of careers. Today, more than ever, employers have high expectations of undergraduate hires. The T&M Program provides a comprehensive experience to ready graduates for early career success.
Students in the minor are able to acquire a thorough foundation in their major course of study and a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental elements of a cross-discipline education. The course of study leading to a minor in Technology & Management is comprised of the following:

Required Courses Taken by Engineering Students Only (in order taken)
BADM 365New Product Marketing3
ACCY 200Fundamentals of Accounting3
FIN 221Corporate Finance3
Required Courses Taken by Business Students Only (in order taken)
MSE 101Materials in Today's World3
ECE 317ECE Technology & Management3
TAM 201Mechanics for Technol & Mgmt3
Required Courses Taken by Engineering and Business Students Together (in order taken)
TMGT 367Mgmt of Innov and Technology3
TMGT 366Product Design and Development3
TMGT 460Business Process Modeling3
TMGT 461Tech, Eng, & Mgt Final Project2

Throughout the minor, emphasis is placed on an interdisciplinary team approach to the development of comprehensive solutions to real-world problems. In many cases, the problems are provided by industry sponsors who, along with business and engineering faculty advisors, provide assistance and guidance to student teams.

The T&M Program is sponsored by leading companies in a variety of industries. These companies provide strategic guidance, access to senior executives, real-world business problems, and internship and full-time employment opportunities. The current T&M Corporate Affiliates include Abbott, Anheuser-Busch InBev, BP, Boeing, Capital One, John Deere, and Motorola Solutions.

In addition to formal courses, the T&M Program offers a comprehensive set of extracurricular activities to develop skills and provide valuable experiences to students. These include a leadership development and career development workshops, business skills workshops (for example, professional branding, improvisation training, etiquette dinner, and golf etiquette), an international immersion trip, and an international business plan competition.

The Hoeft Technology & Management Program aims to prepare graduates for successful careers in a variety of functions and industries. T&M students have pursued careers in a wide range of industries and fields.

Students who wish to pursue this minor must apply for admission to The Hoeft Technology & Management Program during winter break of their sophomore year. Enrollment in the minor is limited and admission is competitive. Applications are reviewed by the program staff and offers of admission are based on the student's academic record, extracurricular involvement, demonstrated leadership, and career goals.

For more information regarding the Technology & Management minor, visit the Technology & Management website or contact the Technology & Management Program Office (470K Wohlers Hall, (217) 244-5752,