Engineering Technology & Management: Agricultural Production & Processing, BS

for the degree of Bachelor of Science Major in Engineering Technology & Management concentration in Agricultural Production & Processing

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overview of college admissions & requirements: Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Sciences

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This major in Technical Systems Management is designed to prepare students as problem solvers for systems involving the application, management, and/or marketing of agricultural engineering technologies. Students are instructed in engineering and business principles in preparation as technically competent business persons for professional careers as entrepreneurs, marketing representatives, or plant managers working with service organizations, manufacturers, corporate farms, retail dealers, power suppliers, contractors, or management companies from production through processing and distribution. Students can specialize in Construction Systems Management; Environmental Systems Management; Mechanization, Marketing, and Technology Management Systems; Production Systems; or Renewable Energy Systems.

for the degree of Bachelor of Science Major in Engineering Technology & Management concentration in Agricultural Production & Processing

Prescribed Courses including Campus General Education

Composition I and Speech
Select one of the following:6-7
Writing and Research
and Public Speaking (or equivalent (see college Composition I requirement))
Oral & Written Comm I
and Oral & Written Comm II
Advanced Composition
Select from campus approved list.3-4
Cultural Studies
Select one course from Western culture, one from non-Western culture, and one from U.S. minority culture from campus approved lists.9
Foreign Language
Coursework at or above the third level is required for graduation.
Quantitative Reasoning I
MATH 234Calculus for Business I (or equivalent)4
Quantitative Reasoning II
Select one of the following:3-4
Applied Statistical Methods
Intro to Applied Statistics
Economic Statistics I
Intro to Statistics
Intro to Social Statistics
Natural Sciences and Technology
CHEM 102
CHEM 103
General Chemistry I
and General Chemistry Lab I
PHYS 101College Physics: Mech & Heat5
Select one of the following:4-5
College Physics: E&M & Modern
General Chemistry II
and General Chemistry Lab II
Biological sciences (see campus approved list)3-5
Humanities and the Arts
Select from campus approved list.6
Social and Behavioral Sciences
ACE 100Introduction to Applied Microeconomics4
ECON 103Macroeconomic Principles3
Social and behavioral sciences. Select from campus approved list. 3-4
ACES Prescribed
ACES 101Contemporary Issues in ACES2
TSM Required
ACE 161Microcomputer Applications (or equivalent)3
ACCY 200Fundamentals of Accounting3
or ACCY 201 Accounting and Accountancy I
CPSC 112Introduction to Crop Sciences4
NRES 201Introductory Soils4
TSM 100Technical Systems in Agr3
TSM 430Project Management2
TSM elective courses. A total of 18 hours selected from the following courses. A minimum of six hours must be selected from TSM 295 or TSM 396, or at the 300- or 400-level.18
Undergraduate Open Seminar
Materials and Construction Sys
Metallurgy & Welding Process
Wiring, Motors and Control Sys
Off-Road Equipment Management
Undergrad Research or Thesis
Land and Water Mgt Systems
Fluid Power Systems
Residential Housing Design
Environ Control & HVAC Systems
Grain Drying & Storage Systems
UG Honors Research or Thesis
Elec Computer Ctrl Sys
Engine and Tractor Power
Chemical Applications Systems
Independent Study
Specialization Electives
Select 15 hours from the following: 15
Environmental Economics
Agricultural Marketing
Food and Agribusiness Mgt
Farm Management
Personal Financial Planning
Natural Resource Economics
Finan Decision Indiv Sm Bus
Agricultural Law
Environmental Law
Commodity Futures and Options
Farm Management
Rural Real Estate Appraisal
Agr and Food Policies
Ag Sales and Persuasive Communication
AGED 260
Principles of Dairy Production
Animal Nutrition
Dairy Herd Management
Beef Production
Sheep and Goat Production
Pork Production
Poultry Science
Advanced Dairy Management
Applied Animal Ecology
The Legal Environment of Bus
Mgmt and Organizational Beh
Principles of Marketing
Marketing Research
Principles Tech Comm
Persuasive Writing
Environmental Engineering
Construction Planning
Construction Cost Analysis
CPSC 226
Forage Crops & Pasture Ecology
Crop Growth and Management
Tomorrow's Environment
Corporate Finance
Fundamentals of Real Estate
Vegetable Crop Production
Env and Plant Ecosystems
Soil and Water Conservation
Soil Fertility and Fertilizers
Total Hours126
Select 18 hours from the lists below with a minimum of 12 hours at the advanced level
ACE 222Agricultural Marketing3
ACE 231Food and Agribusiness Mgt3
ACE 232Farm Management3
ACE 306Food Law3
ACE 403Agricultural Law3 to 4
ACE 427Commodity Price Analysis3
ACE 428Commodity Futures and Options3
ACE 430Food Marketing3
ACE 431Agri-food Strategic Management3
ACE 432Farm Management3 or 4
ACE 435Global Agribusiness Management3
Pick four classes from no more than two of these categories:
Animal Production & Processing
Meat Technology
Animal Nutrition
Food Animal Production, Management, and Evaluation
Meat Selection and Grading
Livestock Feeds and Feeding
Dairy Herd Management
Beef Production
Sheep and Goat Production
Pork Production
Poultry Science
Pet Food & Feed Manufacturing
Food Production & Processing
Science of Food Preparation
Raw Materials for Processing
Strategic Operations Management
Food Processing Engineering
Principles of Food Technology
Package Engineering
Food & Industrial Microbiology
Applied Food Microbiology
Horticultural Production & Processing
Local Food Networks
Greenhouse Mgmt and Production
Vegetable Crop Production
Small Fruit Production
Postharvest Handling Hort Crop
Urban Food Production
Plant Disease Diagnosis & Mgmt
Crop Production & Processing
Introduction to Plant Protection
Applied Entomology
Integrated Pest Management
Principles of Crop Production
Forage Crops & Pasture Ecology
Bioenergy Crops
Crop Growth and Management
Weed Mgt in Agronomic Crops
Mgmt of Field Crop Insects
Soil and Water Conservation
Soil Fertility and Fertilizers
Plant Disease Diagnosis & Mgmt