Major in Information Systems

For the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Information Systems

The Information Systems major provides students the skills necessary to understand and manage information, information technology development, systems analysis, e-business management and electronic commerce.

In addition to the Information Systems major's requirements, Business Administration students must also fulfill the Urbana-Champaign campus's General Education requirements and the College of Business's Core Courses requirements (for more detail, refer to the College of Business Undergraduate Section).

BADM 350IT for Networked Organizations3
BADM 352Database Design and Management3
BADM 353Info Sys Analysis and Design (Prerequisite: BADM 350)3
Select two of the following:6
E-Business Management (Prerequisite: BADM 350)
Enterprise Software Management (Prerequisite: BADM 350)
Decision Support Systems (Prerequisite: BADM 350)
IT Governance (Prerequisite: BADM 350)
Select four of the following:12-14
Individual Behavior in Orgs (Prerequisite: BADM 310)
Org Design and Environment (Prerequisite: BADM 310)
Marketing Research (Prerequisite: BADM 320)
Purchasing and Supply Mgmnt (Prerequisite: Credit or concurrent enrollment in BADM 320)
Management Decision Models (Prerequisite: ECON 203)
Business Process Management
Project Management
Business Process Improvement
International Business
Small Business Consulting
Entrepreneurship Sm Bus Form
Total Hours27