Major in Operations Management

For the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Operations Management

The Operations Management Major develops concepts and skills for crafting innovative ways to deliver a firm's goods and services.  It focuses upon the productive management of capital, human capital and information resources upon the process of value creation.  The coursework devotes particular attention to the definition of business goals and the design of management policies and procedures for achieving those goals.  Operations Management students typically seek careers as operations or strategy consultants, supply chain analysts, quality management professionals, manufacturing or service operations managers, project managers or leaders within other mission-critical functions of an organization.

In addition to the Operations Management Major's requirements, Business Administration students must also fulfill the Urbana-Champaign campus's General Education requirements and the Gies College of Business Core Courses requirements (for more detail, refer to the Gies College of Business Undergraduate section).

BADM 350IT for Networked Organizations3
BADM 374Management Decision Models (Prerequisite: BADM 211)3
BADM 375Operations Management3
BADM 377Project Management3
BADM 378Logistics Management3
BADM 379Business Process Improvement3
Select three of the following:9-10
Leading Individuals and Teams (Prerequisite: BADM 310) 1
Designing and Managing Orgs (Prerequisite: BADM 310) 1
New Product Development (Prerequisite: BADM 320) 1
Info Sys Analysis and Design (Prerequisite: BADM 350) 1
Small Business Consulting 1
Business Intelligence 1
Total Hours27