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for the Minor in Business for Non-Business Majors

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Please refer to the Business Minor website for important changes to the application process and requirements.

The Business Minor is designed for students earning Undergraduate degrees in colleges other than the Gies College of Business.  The Business Minor provides a fundamental academic preparation for Non-Business students who wish to pursue a business career.  The Business Minor provides coursework through which Non-Business students learn skills used in business.  Business Minor students will learn the theories, techniques and concepts of Accountancy, Finance, Management and Marketing.  The Business Minor is not available to Gies College of Business students and Technology and Management Minor students.  The Business Minor is not to be considered as preparation for transfer into the Gies College of Business to earn an Undergraduate Business degree.

To declare their Minors, Non-Business students must submit their Statement of Intent to Pursue a Campus-Approved Minor (Statements) to 1055 Business Instructional Facility (BIF) at any time.

Statements submitted prior to January 28, 2019, will be collected and held until that time, as open Business Minor course enrollments will begin in the 2019 Fall Semester Registration Period. Prospective Business Minor students will not be permitted to enroll in the 2019 Spring Semester and 2019 Summer Session Business Minor Core and Elective courses.

Contact busminor@business.illinois.edu to address academic and admission questions.

Minimum required minor and supporting course work: All six Business Minor courses must be completed with letter grades. Sophomore standing. For all courses for which online delivery is available, students pursuing the minor must enroll in online sections.

GPA Requirement: a minimum 2.0 GPA is required to declare the minor.

Core Courses Requirement

ACCY 200Fundamentals of Accounting (Enrollment is permitted only to Business Minor students.)3
BADM 310Mgmt and Organizational Beh3
BADM 320Principles of Marketing3
FIN 221Corporate Finance3

Note: ACCY 200, BADM 310, BADM 320, FIN 221 and the two Elective Courses must be earned from the Urbana-Champaign campus.  No exceptions will be made for study abroad and transfer courses to fulfill the minor’s course requirements.

Elective Courses Requirement

Business Minor students must select only two of the listed Elective Courses to fulfill the minor's course requirements.

BADM 300The Legal Environment of Bus3
BADM 311Leading Individuals and Teams3
BADM 312Designing and Managing Orgs3
BADM 313Strategic Human Resource Management3
BADM 314Leading Negotiations3
BADM 323Marketing Communications3
BADM 326Pricing Policies3
BADM 340Ethical Dilemmas of Business3
BADM 350IT for Networked Organizations3
BADM 367Mgmt of Innov and Technology3
BADM 375Operations Management3
BADM 380International Business3
BADM 381Multinational Management3