Accountancy + Data Science, BS

for the degree of Bachelor of Science Major in Accountancy + Data Science

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This major is sponsored by the Department of Accountancy in the Gies College of Business, in collaboration with the Departments of Statistics, Computer Science, iSchool, and Mathematics. The Accountancy +Data Science major is designed for students seeking to supplement their accounting foundation with a strong background in data science. The major prepares students for professional or graduate work in all Accounting fields, but particularly those focused on analytics.

for the degree of Bachelor of Science Major in Accountancy + Data Science

General education: Students must complete the Campus General Education requirements including the campus general education language requirement.

Twelve hours of 300 and 400-level courses must be taken on this campus.

Minimum hours required for graduation: 124 hours

University Composition Requirement

For a list of the specific courses that meet this requirement, see the college Office of Undergraduate Affairs in 1055 Business Instructional Facility or see the Course Explorer for a list of approved general education courses.

Composition I: Principles of Composition4-7
Advanced Composition3

General Education Requirements

Three courses in the Humanities & the Arts area are required and students must complete at least one course in the Literature & the Arts and Historical & Perspectives subcategories. At least one of the courses must be a 200 or higher level course.

Two courses in the Natural Sciences & Technology area are required. It is strongly recommended that students complete one course in the Physical Sciences and Life Sciences subcategories.

A minimum of six courses is required, as follows:18
Humanities & the Arts: Literature & the Arts (1-2 courses)
Humanities & the Arts: Historical & Philosophical Perspectives (1-2 courses)
Natural Sciences & Technology: Physical Sciences (0-2 courses)
Natural Sciences & Technology: Life Sciences (0-2 courses)
Behavioral Sciences (1 course)
Cultural Studies: Non-Western Cultures (1 course)
Cultural Studies: U.S. Minorities Cultures (1 course)
Cultural Studies: Western/Comparative Cultures (1 course)
Quantitative Reasoning (2 courses)

Language Other Than English

Completion of the third semester or equivalent of a language other than English is required. Completion of three years of a single language in high school satisfies this requirement.0-15

Business Core

ACCY 201
ACCY 202
Accounting and Accountancy I
and Accounting and Accountancy II
BADM 275Fundamentals of Operations Management3
BADM 300The Legal Environment of Bus3
BADM 310Mgmt and Organizational Beh (This course includes limited voluntary participation as a subject in experiments)3
BADM 320Principles of Marketing3
BADM 449Business Policy and Strategy3
Business Sequence
BUS 101, BUS 201, BUS 301 (under Meaningful Research) and BUS 401 are required for all Gies College of Business students. Students who enter the College their first year take each sequential course every fall.
Inter-College transfer students take BUS 301 and BUS 401 in their sophomore year. Off-campus transfer students take BUS 101 and BUS 201 in their junior year.
BUS 101Professional Responsibility and Business3
BUS 201Business Dynamics3
BUS 401Global Business Perspectives3
CMN 101Public Speaking3
ECON 102
ECON 103
Microeconomic Principles
and Macroeconomic Principles
FIN 221Corporate Finance3
Total Hours 42

Accounting Specialization

ACCY 301Atg Measurement & Disclosure3
ACCY 302Decision Making for Atg3
ACCY 303Accounting Institutions and Regulation3
ACCY 304Accounting Control Systems3
ACCY 312Principles of Taxation3
ACCY 405Assurance and Attestation3
ACCY 410Advanced Financial Reporting3 or 4
or ACCY 451 Advanced Income Tax Problems
Total Hours 21

Data Science Core

Mathematical Foundations7
MATH 234Calculus for Business I4
MATH 227Linear Algebra for Data Science3
or MATH 257 Linear Algebra with Computational Applications
Data Science Fundamentals12
STAT/CS/IS 107Data Science Discovery4
STAT 207Data Science Exploration4
CS 307Modeling and Learning in Data Science4
Computational Fundamentals4
CS 277Algorithms and Data Structures for Data Science4
Social Impact in Data Science6
IS 467Ethics and Policy for Data Science3
IS 477Data Management, Curation & Reproducibility3
Total Hours29

Meaningful Research or Discovery Experience

One of the most important skills a student will gain in an ACCY+DS degree will be the ability to present data in meaningful ways. A meaningful research and experience is as much a pillar of this degree program as both the core coursework and the area of specialization. This capstone experience can be fulfilled through BUS 301. This course is an active learning, real-client experience that will allow students to join their data science skills with their business skills.
Total Hours3

Summary of Total Hours

Total General Education Hours25
Total Business Core Hours42
Total Accounting Specialization Hours21
Total Data Science Core Hours29
Meaningful Research or Discovery Experience3
Total Hours124