Natural Resource Conservation Minor

for the Minor in Natural Resource Conservation

The Natural Resource Conservation minor offers an integrated approach to managing natural resources from a sustainability perspective. This minor addresses the diverse biological, physical, social, economic, and political aspects of natural resources and stewardship. Ultimately, this curriculum offers students interested in the conservation of natural resources a challenging and rewarding experience while simultaneously preparing them for future careers requiring a fundamental and strong background in the management and conservation of natural resources.A minimum of 18 hours are required for this minor, of which at least 6 credit hours must be 400-level. Courses taken to fulfill the minor may not be counted toward the major in Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences.

Required Courses for a Minor in Natural Resource Conservation
NRES 102Introduction to NRES3
or NRES 100 Fundamentals of Env Sci
NRES 287Environment and Society3
or NRES 219 Applied Ecology
General Electives
Minimum of 12 credit hours, at least 6 of which much be 400-level, selected from:12
Env Sc & Nat Resource Careers
Introductory Soils
Environmental Economics
Applied Ecology
Environment and Society
Natural Resource Economics
Natural Resource Policy Mgmt
Environ Social Sci Res Meth
Fish and Wildlife Ecology
Introduction to Environmental Chemistry
Ecology of Invasive Species
Ecohydrology and Water Management
Wildlife Population Ecology
Fishery Ecol and Conservation
Native Plant ID and Floristics
Wetland Ecology & Management
Env and Plant Ecosystems
Restoration Ecology
Quantitative Methods in NRES
Politics of International Conservation and Development
US Environ, Justic & Policy
Modeling Natural Resources
Valuing Nature
Aquatic Ecosystem Conservation
Soil Nutrient Cycling
Env and Sustainable Dev
GIS in Natural Resource Mgmt
Adv GIS for Nat Res Planning
Landscape Ecology
Environmental Psychology
Soil and Water Conservation
Environmental Microbiology
Stream Ecosystem Management
Soil Chemistry
Soil Fertility and Fertilizers
Total Hours18