Horticulture Minor

for the Minor in Horticulture

The Horticulture minor is designed for students who desire a significant background in horticulture to support study and practice of their major field. Selection of additional courses beyond the core will depend on the student's major and interests. Courses in the minor cannot be taken Credit/No Credit. At least 6 hours of the minor must be advanced (300 or 400) level courses that are distinct from classes meeting requirements in the student’s major.

Horticulture Minor Required Courses
Select one of the following:3-4
Introduction to Horticulture
Vegetable Gardening
The Sustainable Home Garden
HORT 240Plant Propagation3-4
or HORT 341 Greenhouse Mgmt and Production
Select a minimum of 12 hours from the following:12
Plant Propagation If not used above
Biotechnology in Agriculture
Woody Landscape Plants
Greenhouse Mgmt and Production If not used above
Planting for Biodiversity and Aesthetics
Vegetable Crop Production
Small Fruit Production
Tree Fruit Production
Postharvest Handling Hort Crop
Horticultural Physiology
Designing Urban Agriculture
Urban Food Production
Plant Nutrition
Permaculture & Agroforestry
Total Hours18-20