Child Health and Well-being Minor

for the minor in Child Health and Well-being

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Understanding child development and well-being are integral to keeping a child healthy. Similarly, knowing how to interact with children, how to ask family members questions to assess development, and knowing typical milestones in development by age group are all a part of good medical and allied health practices. The child health and well-being minor combines theoretical and practical approaches to understanding child development and well-being. Coursework in this minor examines child development biologically, psychologically, and socially from birth through age 18. Development is looked at in the context of the child’s daily experience, with additional coursework focused on medical settings, special needs challenges, and grief.

The minor requires a minimum of 19 hours; ten hours of courses on child development and nine hours of courses examining health and well-being. 6 hours of advanced course credit must be distinct from credit earned for a student's major or another minor.

Development Courses:10
Intro to Human Development
Infancy & Early Childhood
Choose one course from:
Middle Childhood
Adolescent Development
Health and Well-being courses:9
Grief and Loss Across the Lifespan
Child Fam with Special Needs
Hospitalized Children
Total Hours19