Agricultural Safety & Health Minor

for the Minor in Agricultural Safety & Health

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overview of college admissions & requirements: Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Sciences

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Admissions prerequisites: This minor has prerequisites of a minimum of 30 hours with a 2.5 GPA.

TSM 421Ag Safety-Injury Prevention3
TSM 422Ag Health-Illnesses Prevention3
TSM 425Managing Ag Safety Risk3
A minimum of three credit hours is required from the following courses:3
Off-Campus Internship
Undergrad Research or Thesis
Independent Study
A minimum of six credit hours selected from:6
Introduction to Public Health
Health Statistics
Introduction to Epidemiology
Foundations of Health Behavior
Environmental Health
Principles of Epidemiology
Health Behavior: Theory
Basic Toxicology
Intro to Human Development
Motor Develop, Growth & Form
Intro Psych
Intro Experimental Psych
Human Factors
Human Performance and Cognition in Context
Total Hours18