Learning Outcomes: Food Science Concentration

Learning outcomes for the degree of Bachelor of Science Major in Food Science & Human Nutrition: Food Science Concentration

All graduates of the University of Illinois Food Science concentration will achieve the following:

  1. Graduates are A) competent in core food science areas and B) can integrate and apply their knowledge to solve real-world problems and make decisions.Core Food Science Areas include: Food Chemistry and Analysis, Food Safety and Microbiology, Food Processing and Engineering, and Sensory Science. Associated Areas include: Nutrition and Health, Quality Assurance, Food Laws and Regulations
  2. Graduates possess strong critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  3. Graduates are proficient communicators.
  4. Graduates possess impactful professional and leadership skills.

Aspirational goals

Graduates of our Food Science program: 1) value diversity, 2) are confident in their abilities, 3) volunteer their services to their professional and societal communities, and 4) take professional and ethical responsibility for their actions.