Resource Conservation and Restoration Ecology

The Resource Conservation and Restoration Ecology Concentration emphasizes the ecology, biology, and management of aquatic, soil, forest, and wildlife resources. It is designed for students interested in the fundamental properties and practices underlying the restoration and management of soil, watershed, wetland, forest, and grassland ecosystems. Through lectures, labs and field exercise, students study biosphere relationships in natural resource systems. The Resource Conservation and Restoration Ecology concentration includes coursework in the areas of restoration ecology, soil science, environmental biology, aquatic ecosystem management, tree and plant physiology, and advanced ecology.

Resource Conservation & Restoration Ecology Concentration Required
NRES 419Env and Plant Ecosystems3
NRES 420Restoration Ecology4
NRES 421Quantitative Methods in NRES3-4
or NRES 440 Applied Statistical Methods I
Watershed Science
Select one of the following:3-4
Watershed Hydrology
Watersheds and Water Quality
Fluvial Geomorphology
Aquatic Ecosystem Conservation
Surface Water System Chemistry
Plant Classification/Identification
NRES 415Native Plant ID and Floristics4
or IB 335 Systematics of Plants
Soil and Environmental Science
Select one of the following:3
Introduction to Environmental Chemistry
Soil and Water Conservation
Environmental Microbiology
Soil Chemistry
Soil Fertility and Fertilizers
Physics of Plant Environments
Select one of the following:3-4
Soil Nutrient Cycling
Community Ecology
Ecosystem Ecology
Landscape Ecology
Principles of Agroecology