Global Change & Landscape Dynamics

The Global Change and Landscape Dynamics Concentration explores the patterns and processes interlinking biological species with landscape components in order to promote the sustainability and ecological integrity of terrestrial ecosystems at local, regional, and sub-continental geographic scales. This concentration is especially relevant for students interested in invasion biology; biological rarity; wildlife disease epidemiology; energy, nutrient, and organism exchanges; the distribution of land cover and land use; and other elements affecting the earth’s ecology.

Global Change & Landscape Dynamics Concentration Required
NRES 419Env and Plant Ecosystems3
NRES 465Landscape Ecology3
NRES 421Quantitative Methods in NRES3-4
or NRES 440 Applied Statistical Methods I
Select one of the following:3-4
Restoration Ecology
Plants and Global Change
Ecosystem Ecology
Ecology and Human Health
Watershed Ecology and Planning
Urban Ecology
Geospatial Techniques
Select one of the following:2-4
Adv GIS for Nat Res Planning
Aerial Photo Analysis
Introduction to Remote Sensing
Geospatial Tech & Society
Urban Informatics II
Planning & Policy
Select one of the following:3-4
Natural Resource Policy Mgmt
Natural Resource Economics
US Environ, Justic & Policy
Natural Resources Law & Policy
Renewable Energy Policy
Env and Sustainable Dev
Sustainable Planning Seminar
Environmental Law
Environmental Quality
Select one of the following:3-4
Introduction to Environmental Chemistry
Watersheds and Water Quality
Soil Nutrient Cycling
Soil and Water Conservation
Environmental Microbiology
Biogeochemical Cycles
Water Planet, Water Crisis
Environmental Geology