Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences, BS: Environmental Science and Management Concentration

Environmental Science and Management emphasizes the biological, chemical, and physical features of the environment. It is designed for students interested in the management of soil and water resources and in understanding how to protect and improve environmental quality. The concentration includes coursework in environmental chemistry, environmental microbiology, ecohydrology, and environmental quality, as well as courses focused more specifically on soil and water sciences. 

Concentration Core Requirements
NRES 351Introduction to Environmental Chemistry3
NRES 402Ecohydrology and Water Management3
NRES 475Environmental Microbiology3
Concentration Elective Requirements
Two Soil and Water Science Courses6-8
Watershed Hydrology
Aquatic Ecosystem Conservation
Stream Ecosystem Management
Soil Chemistry
Soil Fertility and Fertilizers
Surface Water System Chemistry
Environmental Soil Physics
Fluvial Geomorphology
One Environmental Quality Course3-4
Watersheds and Water Quality
Soil Nutrient Cycling
Soil and Water Conservation
Tomorrow's Environment
Plants and Global Change
Land and Water Mgt Systems
Watershed Ecology and Planning
Biogeochemical Cycles
Water Planet, Water Crisis
Environmental Geology
Environ Toxicology & Health
Total Concentration-Required Hours18-21