Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences, B.S., Ecosystem Stewardship and Restoration Ecology Concentration

Ecosystem Stewardship and Restoration Ecology emphasizes the ecology, structure, and function of ecosystems, with a paiiicular focus on plant communities and their interactions with the living and non-living parts of ecosystems. It is designed for students interested in the fundamental prope1iies and practices underlying the restoration and management of soil, watershed, wetland, forest, and grassland ecosystems. The concentration includes coursework in the areas of restoration, landscape, and plant ecology, as well as courses focused on specific ecosystems (e.g. streams wetlands, agroecosystems), invasive species, community ecology, and ecosystem science. 

Concentration Core Requirements
NRES 419Env and Plant Ecosystems3
NRES 420Restoration Ecology4
NRES 465Landscape Ecology3
Concentration Elective Requirements
Two Ecology Courses6-7
Ecology of Invasive Species
Native Plant ID and Floristics
Plants and Global Change
Ecosystem Ecology
Community Ecology
One Ecosystem or Management Course3-4
Ecohydrology and Water Management
Wetland Ecology & Management
Modeling Natural Resources
Aquatic Ecosystem Conservation
Stream Ecosystem Management
Principles of Agroecology
Stream Ecology
Ecology and Human Health
Conservation Biology
Watershed Ecology and Planning
Urban Ecology
Total Concentration-Required Hours:19-21