Food Science and Human Nutrition: Hospitality Management, BS

The Hospitality Management concentration prescribes courses that meet the professional needs of the hospitality industry and career goals of students entering the major. The concentration is designed for students interested in integrating the basic principles of business and hospitality management with the goal of pursuing professional and management careers in hospitality-related industries. The program comprises 35 hours of hospitality-related course work, including food science; food management; nutrition; sanitation; purchasing; and the management of institutional, commercial, and fine dining facilities. Through the integration of food-focused theory, practice, and experience, it is the mission of the program to prepare leaders in the hospitality industry with a foundation in science, business, and management.

Social and Behavioral Sciences
PSYC 100Intro Psych4
ACE 100Agr Cons and Resource Econ3-4
or ECON 102 Microeconomic Principles
SOC 100Introduction to Sociology4
Hospitality Management Concentration Required
ACCY 200Fundamentals of Accounting3
ACE 161Microcomputer Applications3
AGED 280Training Needs Assessment2
AGED 300Training and Development4
ANSC 309Meat Production and Marketing2
BADM 300The Legal Environment of Bus3
BADM 310Mgmt and Organizational Beh3
BADM 320Principles of Marketing3
FSHN 101Intro Food Science & Nutrition3
FSHN 120Contemporary Nutrition3
FSHN 140Introduction to Hospitality3
FSHN 145Intro Hospitality Management3
FSHN 232Science of Food Preparation3
FSHN 340Food Production and Service4
FSHN 345Strategic Operations Management3
FSHN 349Food Service Sanitation1
FSHN 293Off Campus Internship2-4
FSHN 442Hospitality Management & Leadership Skills3
FSHN 443Management of Fine Dining4
PSYC 245Industrial Org Psych3
Elective hours as needed to reach a minimum of 126