Financial Planning Concentration

Students in the Financial Planning concentration study finance and economics as they apply to individuals, households, and small businesses in the course of accumulating and using financial resource.  Students are introduced to issues of credit management, insurance and other risk management strategies, saving and investing, retirement planning, and estate planning.  Students also study the financial marketplace as it relates to the needs of households and small businesses.

Required for the Financial Planning Concentration in Addition to Department Requirements
ACE 240Personal Financial Planning3
ACE 345Finan Decision Indiv Sm Bus3
ACE 346Tax Policy and Finan Planning3
ACE 440Finan Plan for Professionals3
ACE 444Finan Serv & Invest Plan3
ACE 445Intermediate Personal Fin Plan4
ACE 449Retirement & Benefit Planning3
FIN 230Introduction to Insurance3
Total Hours25