Finance in Agribusiness Concentration

Students in Finance in Agribusiness study finance as used in agribusiness, farming, financial institutions, and more broadly, in the financial services industry. In addition to positions as loan officers in banks and other lending institutions, recent graduates are working in trust and other banking operations, investments and securities firms, rural appraisals, financial management, financial planning, insurance, real estate, and related fields.

Required for the Finance in Agribusiness Concentration in Addition to Department Requirements
ACE 345Finan Decision Indiv Sm Bus3
ACE 360Spreadsheet Models & Applic2
ACE 444Finan Serv & Invest Plan3
ACE 446Modeling App's Finan Plan2
ACCY 202Accounting and Accountancy II3
FIN 221Corporate Finance3
Select two of the following:6
Commodity Price Analysis
Commodity Futures and Options
Case Stud Agr Accy & Fin Plan
Retirement & Benefit Planning
Financial Markets 1
Total Hours22