Learning Outcomes: Animal Sciences, BS

Learning outcomes for the degree of Bachelor of Science Major in Animal Sciences

Upon successful completion of a degree in Animal Sciences, students will:

  1. Demonstrate a mastery of the basic principles of animal genetics, nutrition, reproduction and physiology
  2. Apply knowledge of animal husbandry, behavior and handling techniques to effectively interact with animals in a safe and humane manner
  3. Appreciate the breadth of animal sciences in terms of the variety of career paths, the diversity of the animal industries, and the many roles of animals in society
  4. Communicate effectively, both written and orally, and demonstrate confidence in attaining transferable job or post-graduate skills
  5. Practice the scientific method in solving ‘real-world’ problems including collecting and evaluating information, forming predictions, collecting and interpreting data and implementing actions
  6. Build and sustain productive relationships to create positive change in response to challenging issues with animals and the agriculture industry at the local, national and international levels