Agronomy, BS

for the degree of Bachelor of Science Major in Agronomy

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overview of college admissions & requirements: Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Sciences

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Agronomy is the fundamental agricultural science: managing multiple parts of agricultural systems to sustainability and economically meet the growing need for food, fuel and fiber. The agronomy major provides a foundation that by necessity integrates the science and practice of agricultural production through courses in plant biology, genetics, weed and pest management, soil science, environmental quality, and agricultural management practices. The program also offers many opportunities to participate in research and internships. This curriculum prepares students for careers in agricultural sciences as well as for entrance into graduate and professional schools. Our students pursue employment in scientific research or fields related to agronomy including crop consulting, soil and crop management, international food security and agricultural development, and science policy.

for the degree of Bachelor of Science Major in Agronomy

General Education Requirements

Composition I and Speech6 to 7
Writing and Research
and Public Speaking
Oral & Written Comm I
and Oral & Written Comm II
Advanced Composition3 to 4
Cultural Studies9
Western/Comparative Cultures
Non-Western Cultures
US Minority Cultures
Foreign LanguageThird Level or Above
Quantitative Reasoning I4 to 5
Calculus I
Calculus for Business I
Quantitative Reasoning II3
Intro to Applied Statistics
Natural Sciences and Technology8
General Chemistry I
and General Chemistry Lab I
General Chemistry II
and General Chemistry Lab II
Humanities and the Arts6
Social and Behavioral Sciences7 to 8
Introduction to Applied Microeconomics 1
Total Hours for Gen Ed Requirements46-50
ACES Requirements0-2
Contemporary Issues in ACES
ACES Transfer Orientation

Major Requirements

Non-Departmental Core Requirements12
IB 103Introduction to Plant Biology4
IB 150Organismal & Evolutionary Biol4
NRES 201Introductory Soils4
Crop Sciences Core Requirements13-14
CPSC 102Foundational Skills in Crop Sciences2
CPSC 112Introduction to Crop Sciences4
CPSC 212Introduction to Plant Protection4
Internship or Research/Thesis (choose one):2-3
Crop Sciences Internship
Horticulture Internship
Undergrad Research or Thesis
Undergrad Research or Thesis
Undergrad Research or Thesis
CPSC 498Crop Sci Professional Develpmt1
Agronomy Requirements14
CPSC 336Tomorrow's Environment3
CPSC 352Plant Genetics4
CPSC 382Organic Chem of Biol Processes4
CPSC 418Crop Growth and Management3
Major Electives15
Choose from any 300- or 400- level CPSC, HORT, or PLPA courses, excluding: CPSC 393, HORT 393, CPSC 395, HORT 395 & PLPA 395.
Total Hours126