Agricultural & Consumer Economics, BS and Agricultural & Applied Economics, MAAE

for the degrees of Bachelor of Science Major in Agricultural & Consumer Economics and Master of Agricultural & Applied Economics in Agricultural & Applied Economics

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overview of college admissions & requirements: Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Sciences

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The MAAE program includes a combined BS/MAAE option for ACE undergraduates.  Combined program students must meet all requirements for their BS degree in ACE, and take an additional 26 hours of graduate credit to earn the MAAE degree. Six hours of upper-level electives will count jointly for both degrees. As a combined program, students will receive both degrees at the completion of both programs.

for the degrees of Bachelor of Science Major in Agricultural & Consumer Economics and Master of Agricultural & Applied Economics in Agricultural & Applied Economics

BS Program Component

Prescribed Core Courses including Campus General Education

Composition I and Speech 1
RHET 105
CMN 101
Writing and Research
and Public Speaking (or equivalent (see College Composition I requirement)
Advanced Composition 2
Select from campus-approved list3-4
Foreign Language
Coursework at or above the third level is required for graduation.
Quantitative Reasoning I
Select one of:7-8
Finite Mathematics
Elementary Linear Algebra
Calculus II
Select one of:
Calculus I
Calculus for Business I
Quantitative Reasoning II6
Applied Statistical Methods and Data Analytics I
Applied Statistical Methods & Data Analytics 2
Humanities and the Arts
Selected from campus approved list.6
Natural Sciences and Technology
Selected from campus approved list.6
Social and Behavioral Sciences
Selected from campus approved list. 6
Cultural Studies
Select one course from Western culture, one from non-Western culture, and one from U.S. minority culture from campus approved lists.9
ACES Prescribed
ACES 101Contemporary Issues in ACES (for freshmen only)2
Department Requirements
Minimum Hours in the College of ACES of which 20 must be in the Department of ACE35
Minimum of two 400-level courses in ACE 6
ACE 100Introduction to Applied Microeconomics 14
ACE 161Microcomputer Applications3
or CS 105 Intro Computing: Non-Tech
ACE 300Intermediate Applied Microeconomics 23
ACE 341Issues&Careers in Applied Econ1 or 2
ACCY 201Accounting and Accountancy I3
ECON 103Macroeconomic Principles3
At least 3 hours of credit for study abroad or one international course selected from:3-4
Global Agribusiness Management
International Business Immersion
Agriculture in Intl Dev
The Latin American Economies
Econ Dev of Tropical Africa
International Trade in Food and Agriculture
Required Concentration15-27
Concentration prescribed courses. See specific requirements for the concentration listed below.
Total Hours126

MAAE Component

Microeconomic Theory
ACE 500Applied Economic Theory4
Quantitative Methods
Applied Econometrics:8
Applied Regression Models I
Applied Regression Models II
Other Quantitative methods:
4 hours of approved graduate course work in quantitative methods
Field of Specialization
12 hours of approved graduate field courses12
(Must include at least 8 total hours at the 500-level and 8 total hours in ACE
Professional/Research Internship Requirement
ACE 592Special Topics (Graduate Internship)2
Total MAAE Component Hours 126