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PHYS 460   Condensed Matter Physics   credit: 4 Hours.

Bonding and structure of crystals; energy bands in insulators, semiconductors, and metals; electrical conductivity; optical properties; lattice vibrations; elasticity; point defects; dislocations. 4 undergraduate hours. 4 graduate hours. Credit is not given for both PHYS 460 and MSE 304. Prerequisite: PHYS 435; PHYS 485 or PHYS 486.

SPED 460   Communication and Phys Disab   credit: 4 Hours.

Focuses upon issues and intervention strategies that can impact the communication skills of persons with moderate or severe intellectual and/or physical disabilities. Specific assessment and intervention strategies are discussed as they relate to both verbal and augmentative communication. 4 undergraduate hours. 4 graduate hours.