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ANTH 363   Anth of Dance/Movement   credit: 3 Hours.

Anthropological study of dance and other human movement systems in cultural contexts. Designed especially for students with little or no background in socio-cultural anthropology or the social sciences. Includes reading the works of major figures in the field, and learning how to study dances, signed languages and ritual events from an anthropological perspective. Students will also learn about socio-cultural theory and observation, doing fieldwork, movement literacy, problems of subjectivity and objectivity, and personal anthropology.

DANC 363   Advanced Improvisation   credit: 1 Hour.

Exploration of the physical skills and philosophical concepts at the base of improvisation practice. Students will develop individual and collective approaches to improvisatory structures, systems and performance contexts as well as look at the historical ways that improvisation has been used in contemporary performance. The course will culminate in performance in various public and private contexts. May be repeated in separate terms to a maximum of 4 credit hours.