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AE 529   Viscoelasticity Theory   credit: 4 Hours.

Fundamental concepts of viscoelasticity with applications: elastic-viscoelastic analogies, creep and relaxation functions, Poisson's ratio, thermomechanical reciprocity relations, variational principles, model fitting, shear center motion, thick-walled cylinders under pressure and inertia loads with material annihilation, sandwich plates, propagation of viscoelastic waves, vibration of bars, plates and shells, nonlinear elastic-viscoelastic analogy, properties of nonlinear viscoelastic stress-strain laws, creep rupture, and torsion of nonlinear bars and shells. Same as TAM 529. Prerequisite: AE 321 or TAM 451.

Engineering, College of

...300 AE 311 , AE 312 , AE 321 , AE...2 hours of MSE 529 or MSE 559...