Division of General Studies

Daniel J. Turner, Ph.D., Director
Kristi Kuntz, Associate Provost
Campus Center for Advising and Academic Services (CCAAS)
Illini Union Bookstore Building,
Fifth Floor
807 S. Wright Street
Champaign, IL 61820
PH: (217) 333-4710

Division of General Studies Website: https://dgs.illinois.edu

Email: genstudies@illinois.edu

The Division of General Studies (DGS) assists students with the process of exploring and declaring majors at the University of Illinois by providing holistic, developmental academic advising.  DGS offers students the ability to connect with academic advisors who are committed to their success. 

The Division of General Studies helps students:

  • Clarify their academic, personal, and career goals;
  • Identify their strengths, skills, interests, and values;
  • Understand the process of exploring majors at Illinois;
  • Identify the programs of study available at Illinois;
  • Understand specific programmatic and degree requirements;
  • Understand the Intercollegiate Transfer (ICT) process at Illinois;
  • Recognize the significance of and their responsibility in the academic advising relationship;
  • Learn about and connect with appropriate campus resources and services;
  • Learn about the educational opportunities available at the University of Illinois including undergraduate research, study abroad, tutoring, leadership development, involvement in student organizations, volunteer experiences, and connections with faculty.

Students may be enrolled in the Division of General Studies for up to four semesters before being required to declare a major in one of the undergraduate colleges at the University of Illinois.

Please see the Division of General Studies Website for more specific information about our services and support for students.