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for the Graduate Minor in Global Studies

interim director: Steve W. Witt

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Graduate Program in Global Studies

The Center for Global Studies, with the assistance of an all-campus Faculty Advisory Committee, administers an interdisciplinary and inter-professional Graduate Minor in Global Studies in cooperation with 25 units across 8 colleges as well as the School of Labor and Employment Relations and the Graduate School of Library and Information Science. The Minor develops awareness and knowledge of globalization and the relevance of this process to student degree programs and career objectives. It is intended to serve three constituencies of students: those seeking to integrate their specialized skills within the broader intellectual and public policy demands of a global society; those proceeding to disciplinary or professionally-based doctoral work; and those for whom the Minor enhances their disciplinary and professional credentials in seeking public or private employment for posts relevant to global studies and policy-making.

for the Graduate Minor in Global Studies

There are no prerequisites for the Graduate Minor. Students must be in good standing as a graduate student and should demonstrate an interest in globalization and the issues that this process poses for the world’s populations. Students must submit an online admission form, indicating the courses that the student proposes to enroll in, the approval of the student’s primary advisor and graduate program director, and a brief statement outlining the relation of the Graduate Minor to the student’s degree and career objectives. The student's department must review the request and approval must be provided by thte student's primary adv isor and departmental authorized signatory. For the Graduate Minor in Global Studies, students must complete one of two core courses, either GLBL 500 (4 hours) or GLBL 501 (4 hours) and two additional courses (8 hours) relevant to the student’s proposed minor. There is no language requirement for the Minor, but advanced language competence is strongly encouraged.

GLBL 500Global Society4
or GLBL 501 Perspectives on Global Studies
Two courses relevant to a student’s proposed minor as approved by the Director of the Center for Global Studies. At least of one the courses must be at the 500-level and only one can be from the student’s home department.8
Total Hours12