Learning Outcomes: Advertising, MS

Learning Outcomes for the degree of Master of Science in Advertising

  1. Intellectual reasoning and knowledge
    1. MS graduates will develop an understanding of the “why of advertising” not just the “how”.
    2. MS graduates will demonstrate critical thinking skills, making the intellectual connection between quantitative and qualitative tools, theories and context to properly and effectively solve problems and make decisions related to the fast-changing media and advertising industries.
  2. Creative inquiry and discovery
    1. MS graduates will have a strategic understanding of advertising and be able to take into account the relationships between this discipline and other related disciplines.
    2. MS graduates will assess the interdependent, fast-changing, and diverse world of media and advertising.
    3. MS graduates will demonstrate proficiency in analyzing and interpreting research data that is fundamental to innovative problem solving and strategic thinking.
  3. Effective leadership and community engagement
    1. MS graduates will utilize interpersonal and group leadership skills (through taking classes with the same cohort every semester and group projects) to be highly effective advertising managers and leaders; demonstrating curiosity, visionary and strategic thinking, teamwork, and knowledge transfer skills.
  4. Social awareness and cultural understanding
    1. MS graduates will demonstrate ethical reasoning skills, generate new knowledge, and strengthen professional development.
    2. MS graduates will demonstrate a strong work ethic to foster individual and professional integrity and mutual respect.
    3. MS graduates will be able to think critically and creatively and to apply theory to practice in an atmosphere of inquiry and dynamic exchange with faculty and their peers.
    4. MS graduates will have opportunities for learning outside the classroom.
  5. Global consciousness 
    1. MS graduates will have opportunity to learn about the fast-changing international and global advertising industry.
  6. Professional development 
    1. MS graduate students will have the opportunity at least twice per semester to meet with advertising professionals to discuss career goals (i.e., presentations, workshops and collaborations)